Rescued Strays Find Second Chance at SPCA Florida

Thanks to generous Guardian Angel donors her happiness and health have been restored.

Thanks to generous Guardian Angel donors Jasmine’s happiness and health have been restored.

The 1-year-old Bassett Hound/Bulldog’s eyes darted around, actively seeking out shelter. Her lip was sliced and there were wounds on her mouth and across her eye. Her white and gray coat was blood stained. Thankfully for the startled and injured stray, two SPCA Florida staff members crossed her path, rescuing her from a potentially devastating fate, given her close proximity to busy Interstate 4.

Jasmine was brought to SPCA Florida where she received antibiotics and eagerly devoured nutritious food. The sweet tempered dog who loves to jump up and give kisses recovered from her injuries, and received her spay surgery at no charge. Because of the efforts of SPCA Florida, soon she found her forever home.

Donate_ButtonJust a few days later, the same two staff members stumbled upon another stray roaming the streets of Dover, Florida. This time it was a nearly-hairless 1-year-old Hound/Weimaraner Mix. In addition to missing hair on her torso, legs, and face, Daisy had painful puss-filled sores across her skin. Daisy was diagnosed with demodex, a non-contagious skin condition, and is heartworm positive.

Thanks to SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund she began antibiotics and received special baths to help her skin heal. Unfortunately, soon after her skin treatment began, Daisy started losing weight and coughing. Thoracic radiographs revealed bronchitis and tapeworms were discovered in her stool. She is now on new medications and enjoying quiet time healing in foster care. When she is healthy enough, Daisy will be spayed and once she’s adopted she will begin her heartworm treatment.

SPCA Florida is one of the only shelters in the area that pays for the treatment of heartworm positive adopted dogs. Thankfully for Daisy, Jasmine, along with hundreds of other homeless and owned pets they will have a bright future. This future is made possible because of donors who give to the Guardian Angel Fund, as it allows ill and injured pets to receive top-notch veterinary treatment at SPCA Florida’s full-service McClurg Animal Medical Center. Every month SPCA Florida invests between $10,000 and $15,000 of free veterinary care to rehabilitate homeless pets entrusted to our care and to keep owned pets where they belong, in their homes. We cannot do it without your help.

Please become a Guardian Angel today and change the lives of pets like Daisy and Jasmine.