Guardian Angel Fund Provides Lifesaving Care for Kitten with Two Broken Legs

IMG_0026With intensely focused eyes, 2-month-old Griffy peered up from her cage, which is all the 2-pound kitten could do, as both of her back legs were bandaged. Rescued from the busy intersection of Griffin Road and Highway 98 North in Lakeland, Griffy was rushed to SPCA Florida’s Medical Center where she was thought to have a spinal cord injury. Veterinarians ruled out soft tissue and bone injuries using x-rays, but discovered a break in one of the bones connected to her right leg. The x-rays also showed healed fractures on her left rear paw. They were concerned about growth abnormality in Griffy’s right leg, but thankfully after some TLC in her foster home, veterinarians determined she did not need surgery.

Laura and Alan Watson with Griffy (3)

Griffy pictured here with foster parents Laura and Alan Watson, who ended up adopting the kitten.

Every rescue story is multifaceted and Griffy’s was no different. From the compassionate good Samaritan who saved the injured kitten from a bustling intersection, to the generous Guardian Angel Fund donors who made her lifesaving treatment possible, also the kind foster parents who provided Griffy with a peaceful, healing environment…every role is important. Ill and injured cats and dogs like Griffy are counting on you to help them heal whether as a Guardian Angel donor or foster parent. Will you be a part of their miracle by donating today? Your gift will save animals like Griffy right here in our community.