Dog with Mangled Ear Receives New Chance with Vital Medical Treatment

Bobo 29574586-2Despite his recent traumatic encounter, BoBo came to SPCA Florida with a wag in his tail. Arriving with a barely recognizable left ear, one-year-old BoBo, an American Pit Bull Terrier Mix, was a dog fight survivor.   His left ear was terribly mangled and crusted with blood, emitting a foul odor.  With multiple large lacerations on his ear and cartilage exposed, BoBo’s ear barely looked like an ear at all. Surrendered immediately to SPCA Florida, BoBo began receiving treatment by veterinary staff.  Examinations determined BoBo suffered from an ear infection in addition to a damaged ear.  The SPCA Florida veterinary team gave BoBo antibiotics and pain medication to treat his ear infection, and then clipped, clean, and closed his ear lacerations.  Although still in recovery, BoBo is healing well.

Donate_ButtonThanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, made possible by generous supporters like you, SPCA Florida was able to provide BoBo with vital medical treatment, so he can continue a normal, happy life.  Well on his way to full health, BoBo remains a positive furry friend, who looks forward to the day he meets his new family.  Please consider joining countless other in support of Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund, and help pets like BoBo start a brand new beginning.

UPDATE: Bobo was adopted in September. Look at the progress he made just while he was at SPCA Florida.