Baxter’s Eyes Get a Lifesaving Lift

IMG_0017Baxter A25222119Baxter was rescued from a Plant City tire store when he was just days old. He was brought to SPCA Florida where a nursing mother cat in foster care took him on as her own; however as he began to grow, his foster caregiver noticed he didn’t look like a normal kitten. Baxter’s eyes appeared slanted and his head was large given his young age. Doctors suspected Down syndrome, a congenital disorder that can cause intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities, but he was thought to have upper respiratory due to his constant watery eyes.

Baxter 25222119 (2)-croppedDonate_ButtonWhen Baxter was six weeks, SPCA Florida’s Medical Center Director Dr. Kim Domokos discovered during an exam his eye lashes were missing. She flipped the eye lids gently back and immediately diagnosed Baxter with eye entropion, a condition where the eyelid turns inward causing the eyelashes and skin to rub against the eye surface, causing irritation. That explained Baxter’s constant watery eyes. Unfortunately because he was still so young, Baxter had to endure the condition a few more weeks until he weighed enough for surgery, which involved sewing up his eyelids to help the skin connect and correct the problem.

After 30 days, the stitches were surgically removed and now Baxter’s eyelids are fine. There is a slight chance the lids could fall again and require additional surgery, but oftentimes the first surgery lasts a lifetime. Baxter’s $400 surgery was made possible thanks to generous Guardian Angel Fund donors. This important fund covers medical treatment for  homeless and owned pets who may not otherwise have a chance at health. Tremendous thanks to the donors who make Baxter’s and other miracles possible every single day.

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