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October 16

Name:  Xing Xing

Gender:  Male

Age:  9 years old

Weight: 10 pounds

Species: Cat

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Mix – White/Grey

Orphaned Since: August 2017

Adoption Fee: $30


Xing Xing (prounced Zing Zing) is an awesome and loving cat who enjoys being in the company of people.  He simply adores hanging out and relaxing beside his favorite people.   He’s pretty mellow, but he does have his playful moments.  Because of his laid back attitude, he prefers any children in the home to be older.  Come check out Xing Xing at SPCA Florida today!

Name:  Roxy

Gender:  Female

Age:  10 years old

Weight: 55 pounds

Species: Dog

Breed: Mixed Breed, Large/Mix- White/Brindle

Orphaned Since: August 2017

Adoption Fee: $60


Can you give this oldie but goodie some TLC?!  Roxy is a sweet, older dog who loves attention.  She was an office dog previously and is completely housebroken and crate trained.  She does well with other cats, dogs, and children, but she will get possessive over her bone or toys.  She had both hips replaced when she was much younger so she’s a little slow, but she still loves to go on long walks.  She currently has a medical release due to allergies so medication may be needed throughout her life.  Stop by SPCA Florida and see how special Roxy is!

Name:    Cat

Gender: Female

Age:  5 years old

Species:  Dog

Breed:  Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix- Brown

Weight:  56 pounds

Orphaned Since:  September 2017

Adoption Fee: $100


Meet our dog name Cat.  We know, we’re just as confused as you are.  This sweet, energetic dog was actually found misplaced after the hurricane and named “Cat” after “Category 2 Hurricane”.  She’s fun and rambunctious, but also knows how to relax and hangout.  She loves people and off leash play, but does well walking on a leash also.  She’s obedient and will come when you call her.  Come over to SPCA Florida and play with this affectionate girl now (and feel free to change her name when you take her home).

Name:  Natasha

Gender: Female

Age:  9 years old

Species:  Cat

Breed:  Domestic Shorthair/Mix- Grey/White

Weight:  9 pounds

Orphaned Since:  August 2017

Adoption Fee: $30


Natasha is a super friendly older cat who will warm up to you right away.  She’s not too playful at her age, but is very affectionate.  She’s not shy at letting you know she wants some attention by softly meowing, purring, and rubbing her head against you.  She likes people of all ages and will make a wonderful family cat.  Swing by SPCA Florida to visit Natasha and see what makes her so wonderful!


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