Embrace Pet Insurance Paid $2,534 in Veterinary Bills for New Pet Adopter

KujoIt not only pays to Embrace your pets, but in Kujo’s case, it saved his life. A month after settling into his new home, Kujo, a 2-year-old American Bulldog Mix adopted from SPCA Florida, began exhibiting worrying symptoms, constantly suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. As with people, pets’ health is never guaranteed and medical bills can quickly overwhelm even the most prepared guardians. Kujo’s owners turned to SPCA Florida for help and the veterinary team made two critical discoveries: he was covered under the 2 month promo plan from Embrace Pet Insurance and his symptoms indicated a potential foreign body in his system. During exploratory surgery, an SPCA Florida veterinarian discovered abnormal cystic kidneys and multiple stomach masses—conditions unidentifiable through routine exams, testing or radiographs—and caused by genetics or poor diet in Kujo’s earlier life.

Even on their promo policy, Embrace paid $2,533.83 of Kujo’s surgery expense and continued care, while Kujo’s owners contributed only $953.80 towards restoring his health. Without Embrace Pet Insurance, Kujo might not have been able to have the extensive surgery needed to remove the mass and spleen. Good news arrived a couple weeks later when Kujo’s final biopsy showed he did not have cancer, but was suffering from a severe inflammation.

Without Embrace Pet Insurance, Kujo’s surgery would have been impossible. So far this year, Embrace has covered almost $10,000 in veterinary bills for SPCA Florida’s medical center clients. Whether emergency surgery or routine wellness vaccines, Embrace Pet Insurance protects your fur family members and your wallet against the unexpected. Never let your pet’s policy lapse as constant coverage provides protection every step of your pet’s life. Get your pet’s insurance quote today, bit.ly/Embrace-Quote.

Actual Vet Bills                                           $3,487.63
Annual Deductible                                       $300.00
20% Co-pay                                                    $953.80

Total Embrace Reimbursement  $2,533.83