Executive Director’s Corner, August 2015

Adam Stanfield with Puppyfrom the desk of Adam Stanfield, Executive Director
As we venture into the back half of 2015, we are extremely excited at what the near term future holds for SPCA Florida.  We are concentrating on new and expanding partnerships as a means to bring more services to the greater community.  As the rich history of SPCA Florida has positioned us as a staple in our community, it is our interest and commitment to play our role in addressing the needs of the underserved both animal and human.

As such, we will continue to celebrate our weekly wins with Polk County Animal Control (PCAC) in providing a second chance on life for animals lost, discarded, or injured. Each week, SPCA Florida Adoption Center staff work with PCAC Animal Care team on the selection of animals. The successful collaboration of SPCAF and PCAC is unique for many reasons.  As it relates to the underserved, the relationship is driven by the alignment of each organization’s veterinarian staff.   With critical medical care cases identified, it is not uncommon for those animals to have the advanced procedures provided by SPCA Florida’s surgical team.  Once complete, the animal receives a new “leash on life” which is truly unique to our community.

Relationships are also developing with the City of Lakeland’s Fire Department.  Brought to our attention by SPCAF veterinarian Dr. Sharri-Eve Gross, SPCAF and LFD came together to collaborate on hosting the community Wellness Wagon beginning in August!  The Lakeland Fire Department was extremely open to the relationship and we collectively believe the synergy between our two groups is unparalleled.   Not only will Wellness Wagon clients be treated to more novel amenities during their visits, their experience will be enhanced with fire education information and interaction with LFD’s amazing staff.

Finally, we are very excited at the developing and growing relationship between SPCAF and VISTE.  As an extension of our Ani-meals program, SPCAF has been providing food support for VISTE members who are also animal owners.  The initial success of the program has allowed SPCAF and VISTE to plan forward and add additional support to more animal loving VISTE constituents.  All of this could not happen without the support of local distributors, like Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, who donate damaged food products to SPCAF and the multitude of SPCAF and VISTE volunteers who see the project through by packaging and delivering the supplies to those in need.

As you can see, it is an exciting time at SPCAF as we continue to expand our impact and influence throughout our community.  More great stuff is definitely on the way and I encourage you to stay tuned for the next collaborative effort we will celebrate!

Thank you  for all of your support.

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Adam Stanfield
Executive Director
SPCA Florida