Divas Need Love Too!

Chloe 18887446 (4)Aretha Franklin. Madonna. Mariah Carey. These well-known divas might be demanding, but as their fans will tell you, they’re worth it. Just like our diva, Chloe! Adoption Center staff members, aka Chloe’s biggest fans say though she is quirky, the 2-year-old black domestic shorthair is worth it. Chloe arrived at SPCA Florida as a kitten, but was returned in March because her guardians were moving.

Chloe 18887446Much like her celebrity counterparts, Chloe can be vocal, unpredictable and demanding. She needs an understanding guardian who will allow her to “march” to her own beat, and float around the house as she pleases. SPCA Florida’s resident cat whispers, staff members Samantha Holmes and Melissa Hunt say Chloe has come a long way since March. She will jump into your lap and allow you to pet her, but she becomes easily overstimulated. As most cat people know, these highly sensitive kitties like to “love” bite. She enjoys roaming around feline holding and will even allow her admirers to pet her a few times, but then she’s on her merry way, further exploring or just lounging like a celebrity.

If you think there is room in your home and heart for this special diva feline, come down to SPCA Florida today and meet Chloe!