SPCA Florida Opposition to Declawing

Delcawing equivalent on humanSPCA Florida’s Board of Directors revised its declaw policy in May, just months before the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) released its statement strongly opposing this major surgery, which is classified as an amputation by the esteemed veterinary group. In some countries like the United Kingdom declawing, or partial amputation of the digits, is banned.

declaw_removalSPCA Florida’s policy aligns with AAHA and a recent editorial by Dr. Vargas: scratching is a natural feline behavior and declawing should NOT be considered until all solutions to deter household damage are exhausted and extensive client education is conducted. Due to the potential harm both physically and to cats’ well-being, SPCA Florida no longer provides declawing at its full-service animal medical center nor does it adopt to anyone planning to declaw a kitten or cat as it can render the animal defenseless, inflict unnecessary pain, and adversely affect behavior.

SPCA Florida is pleased Dr. Vargas and AAHA are in agreement about the unnecessary and potentially harmful nature of declawing. For questions about SPCA Florida’s policy or the impact of declaw amputations, please call (863) 577-4605.

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