Bissell Pet Foundation “Pits for Polk” Grant Saves Life

When the 2-year-old Pit Mix arrived her uterus was being pushed out of her body. The stray dog was post-partum, though no puppies were found. Luckily good Samaritans rescued her and brought her into SPCA Florida for immediate treatment.

“Prolapses are not uncommon post-partum, but they are incredibly painful and can restrict blood flow and urine,” said SPCA Florida veterinarian Dr. Kristi Tsang.

“If left untreated the condition can cause major problems like urinary tract infection, kidney infection, and immense pain leading to a long and slow death.”

The dog lovingly named Mama received emergency surgery to suture her vulva and staple her abdomen to address the life-threatening prolapse. Within a few weeks Mama was healing and showering those who saved her with lots of grateful doggy kisses. Thanks to the Pits for Polk grant SPCA Florida was able to save Mama’s life, providing her with the ultimate miracle: a second chance at health and happiness.

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