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Preview all the adoptable pets at spcaflorida.org/adopt or visit them in person Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Prior to adoption all pets are spayed or neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines and come with a month of flea and heartworm prevention. Call (863) 577-4615 for more information.

Name:  Tigger

Gender:  Male

Age:  8 years old

Weight: 78 pounds

Species: Dog

Breed: Boxer/Mix- Brindle

Orphaned Since: March 2018

Adoption Fee: Waived


Tigger is an adventurous senior who’s young at heart.  He enjoys trail walks, playing fetch, and is very affectionate.  He needs to be the only pet and have a kid free home.  He has arthritis which causes pain if kids or other dogs run into him or hang on him, and that will make him very unhappy.  Other than that, he loves people and other dogs, and you will love his fun nature.   Tigger is available for Rent a Dog so stop in SPCA Florida and meet this friendly dog!

Name:  Mia

Gender:  Female

Age:  4 years old

Weight: 51 pounds

Species: Dog

Breed: Cur, Black-Mouth/Mix- Brindle

Orphaned Since: April 2018

Adoption Fee: $50


Mia is a very sheltered girl who needs a family that is going to take their time and allow her to come around on her own.  Due to her nervous nature, Mia would do best in a calm quiet home with older kids.  She tends to open up around other dogs, so she would enjoy having dog friends in her new home.  She is scared of thunder, men, and strangers.  Can you be the one to make her feel safe and secure so she will overcome her shyness?  Stop by SPCA Florida and spend some time getting to know Mia!

Name:   Quincy

Gender: Female

Age:  2 years old

Species:  Cat

Breed:  Domestic Shorthair/Mix- White/Black

Weight:  6 pounds

Orphaned Since:  March 2018

Adoption Fee: $30


Quincy is one silly cat who loves chasing and batting around toys.  Be sure to stock up on pipe cleaners because they’re her all-time favorite!  Even though she’s very playful, she prefers you to be slow and gentle when petting her.  Children seem to scare her so a calm home with older teens would be ideal.  She can be a sassy diva, so you’ll want to make her the only cat in your life.  Come by SPCA Florida and meet beautiful Quincy!

Name:  Betty

Gender: Female

Age:  4 years old

Species:  Cat

Breed:  Domestic Medium Hair/Mix- Black

Weight:  12 pounds

Orphaned Since: October 2017

Adoption Fee: $30


Think you can handle a diva like Betty?  She’s talkative and affectionate when she’s in a good mood.  If she doesn’t want to be bothered, she’ll quickly let you know with a swish of the tail, vocal disapproval, or a little swat.  She’s the queen of the castle and is too regal to share it with other cats.  Children scare her so she’ll need to be in an adult only home.   If you think you might be a match for this classy cat, come over to SPCA Florida and say hello to Betty!

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