5 ways to prepare your pet for the holiday shuffle

Boy and Dog

SPCA Florida Animal Training Specialist

Preparing for the holidays and catching the big sales could put your pet in direct competition with your time and your attention.

Here are five tips to get your pet ready for a busy schedule and busy household:

  1. Have a new toy or bone handy when you need to keep them occupied.
  2. Make play dates with friends.  You watch your friend’s pet for half-a-day, and they watch your pet for half-a-day.
  3. Prepare them for all of the holiday excitement by socializing them in advance.  If they aren’t used to lots of people, it could make for a stressful time for both of you.
  4. Start practicing how to greet new people at the door with your dog by using a leash and treats.  Ignore the jumping, and treat them for keeping all 4 paws on the floor.
  5. Make sure to have a “Safe Zone,” like a crate or a bed in an empty room for your pet to retreat to if he feels overwhelmed.  Big crowds and small children can be frightening if he isn’t used to it.

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