2014 Outstanding SPCA Florida Volunteers Recognized

Volunteers are core to SPCA Florida’s mission. Last year, SPCA Florida’s 400 plus volunteers donated 30,922 hours. Alongside staff members, volunteers are the hands and heart that carry out SPCA Florida’s work and make positive things happen for the pets entrusted to our care. They walk dogs, scoop litter, refill water bowls, cuddle cats, clean, package up Ani-Meals bags and much more. They give of themselves daily, all for the good of the dogs and cats. We are deeply grateful for our volunteers. Below are volunteers who were recently recognized for incredible service, for going above and beyond what is required in order to help even more pets find their happy endings.

07.06.15 Volunteer - ZachZach Jones – SPCA Florida Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Service in the Puppy Room

This volunteer was chosen for his outstanding service in the Puppy Room! He is so very wonderful with the customers, ALWAYS has a positive, upbeat attitude; very friendly, welcoming, and polite to our customers. This volunteer is also very flexible and willing to do other things that are asked of him, such as help out in the dish room. In general, he is a welcoming face here at SPCA Florida, our staff absolutely love him, our customers love him, and we hope that Zach will continue to be of service to our organization for a long time to come! Thank you Zach!!

07.06.15 Volunteer - JacquelineJaqueline Valentino – SPCA Florida Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Cattery Care

This volunteer is someone that the cattery staff can rely on to help with the care of the animals and always has their best interest in mind. She is a great help with customers, directing them to cats that suit their family and always has a perfect match!  She also assists the exam staff with getting the animals ready to go home with their new pet parent.  Anytime the staff needs help she is always more than willing to go that extra mile. We can always count on Jackie to keep the cattery running smoothly.

07.06.15 Volunteer - KatyKaty Campbell-Jerome – SPCA Florida Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Service, Off-site & Beyond

Dependable, calm, fabulous customer service!

On Valentine’s Day this volunteer and her husband did an offsite adoption event in Plant City. At the end of the day when asked what romantic plans they had for the evening, Katy said since she met Jerry doing off-sites for SPCA, it seemed fitting they spend the day at an SPCA Florida event. They had reservations on the couch for the evening!

On another Saturday off-site adoption event this volunteer and her husband were both elated to return with an empty van. Returning with an empty van after an off-site event means every dog/cat they took had found a new home! It is a rare celebration, but kudos to Katy for making it happen!

07.06.15 Volunteer - AndrewAndrew Adams – SPCA Florida Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Attitude & Customer Service

Adoption Center Staff voted for this volunteer because he has outstanding customer service. He always has a smile on his face and is always there to greet our customers and answer any questions they might have. SPCA Florida Adopters continually have great things to say about him and their time spent with him. Thank you Andrew for always having such a positive attitude and making the customers feel happy when they leave the SPCA Florida.


07.06.15 Volunteer - KristenKristen Woods – SPCA Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Service in the Medical Center

The medical staff have a volunteer in the surgery prep area who is always smiling and never has a bad attitude.  Whenever asked to make extra surgery packs or go find someone for us, she just smiles and says “ok, no problem.”  This volunteer really goes over and beyond.  Whenever we are short a volunteer, she will always come in to help us out.  She is also going to school in the veterinary field, so between studying and helping us in surgery, she stays very busy, but always has a positive attitude.  The surgery crew would like to give a big thank you to Kristen for all her hard work and everything she does for the team and the four-legged babies.

07.06.15 Volunteer - ChristineChristine McCaffrey- SPCA Volunteer of the Year, “Top Dog” for your care & dedication in the Kennels

This was a very hard choice to make; all of our volunteers are great and we greatly appreciate their time and devotion to SPCA Florida. The kennel team has chosen this volunteer because she is always the first to jump in and help out with adoption visits, assist customers and/or volunteers when needed, and always, always is one of those volunteers who truly care about the animal’s well-being.  She does a wonderful job training the new kennel volunteers, is always up for a walk with the kennel dogs on the trails, and is a great asset to playgroups.  The kennel team would like to say thank you very much to Christine for the wonderful job she does for staff and the furry little babies.  Christine is truly an asset to SPCA Florida and the dogs.

07.06.15 Volunteer - AlisaAlisa Simkin – SPCA Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Animal Compassion

This volunteer is a wonderful and dedicated asset to the cattery staff. She ensures the cats get plenty of interaction and attention.  She always takes time to work with the stressed and scared cats, helping to lessen their stress levels. This volunteer is always on top of keeping the cattery clean. She is wonderful with customers, helping them find the perfect match for their family. In addition to the being a great cattery volunteer, Alisa is also an outstanding foster parent – always willing to open her home to whoever needs it. We love and appreciate her more than words can say.

Top Volunteer Hours

We would also like the recognize the following five volunteers for the most accumulated volunteer hours for April 2014-April 2015.

  • Kristen Woods with 1,038 hours
  • Dennis Price with 696 hours
  • Valerie Brechue with 587 hours
  • Eddy Barrow with 490 hours
  • Jeanne Hill with 471 hours

If you’re interested in supporting the homeless pets at SPCA Florida by becoming a volunteer, please visit this page to find out more information.

Again, congratulations to all of our dedicated and hardworking volunteers; our mission and the miracles would not be possible without each and every one of you. From the bottom of our hearts and their paws, thank you!