2.27.18 Featured Pets

Preview all the adoptable pets at spcaflorida.org/adopt or visit them in person Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Prior to adoption all pets are spayed or neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines and come with a month of flea and heartworm prevention. Call (863) 577-4615 for more information.

Name:  Oakee

Gender: Male

Age: 8 years old

Species: Dog

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Mix- Red/White

Weight:  36 pounds

Orphaned Since: February 2018

Adoption Fee: $60


Oakee is an outgoing, friendly dog who needs a little TLC.  He is heartworm positive, but SPCA Florida will pay for the treatments.  You will just need to bring him for his appointments, leash walk him- he loves long walks, and keep his heart rate low for the 3-4 months treatment process.  He’s quiet and easy going and will excel in an adult’s only home with no cats to chase.  Stop by SPCA Florida and give Oakee some affection!

Name:  Charley

Gender:  Female

Age:  1 year old

Weight:  48 pounds

Species: Dog

Breed: Mixed Breed- Brindle/White

Orphaned Since: February 2018

Adoption Fee: $100


Charley is an angel!  Timid at first, she will quickly open up and become your new best friend.  Quiet and gentle, she loves to cuddle and is a big lap dog.  A people lover and very affectionate, you can’t help but love this sweet dog.  Stop in SPCA Florida and spend some time getting to know Charley!


Name:  Shadow

Gender:  Male

Age:  5 years old

Weight:  15 pounds

Species: Cat

Breed: Domestic Shorthair/Mix- Brown/Black

Orphaned Since: August 2017

Adoption Fee: $30


Shadow is just a big softie looking for a home to call his own.   Extremely shy and scared of loud noises, it will take him a while to feel at ease in his new surroundings.  He needs a quiet, adult’s only home and will get along fine with other cats and calm dogs you may have.  At his age, he’s a mellow cat who sleeps a lot, but you can get his attention with catnip toys.  Come by SPCA Florida to meet Shadow!


Name:  Sal

Gender: Male

Age:  3 Years old

Species:  Cat

Breed:  Domestic Shorthair/Mix- White/Black

Weight:  14 pounds

Orphaned Since: February 2018

Adoption Fee: $30

Meet big Sal!  He’s a play hard and nap hard type of cat.   His beautiful coat of black and white will draw you in to pet him, but he may need to get to know you a bit before he will let you hold him.  He’s may be a little shy at first, but is very friendly.  He’s been known to climb so a cat tree might be perfect for him.  Come over to SPCA Florida and give Sal some love!










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