• Acupuncture Improves Cat’s Destructive Behavior

    When 8-year-old Tonkinese cat Louie, who had always been high-strung with obsessive tendencies, started to experience declining behavior and began wreaking havoc on Laura Lear’s household, she wasn’t sure where to even begin. Louie would constantly roam the house, crying when he didn’t get his way. He would need to be fed every 2 to […]

  • Acupuncture Now Offered at SPCA Florida

    Book Your Pet’s Acupuncture Appointment Today at SPCA Florida SPCA Florida is pleased to begin offering acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine that safely delivers a variety of benefits including pain relief, anti-inflammatory, immuno-regulation, helps address orthopedic issues and more. Dr. Kristi Pippin, one of SPCA Florida’s eight veterinarians, recently completed acupuncture training at the Chi […]