Customer Testimonials

SPCA Florida is dedicated to providing superior customer service in all facets of our large organization whether through our Adoption Center, in our full-service Animal Medical Center, or one of our many Community Program or outreach efforts.

If you would like to submit a positive testimonial, please email [email protected]. We also encourage you to leave a Facebook or Google review. If you have had a less than excellent experience, please contact us immediately so we can address the issue and continue to improve serving you and others, (863) 577-4600.

Below are examples of why people from all over central Florida select SPCA Florida for their pet adoptions and resources, veterinary services, and other community programs and initiatives.

My husband, Joshua, and I have taken our dogs, Lamborghini Diablo and Lamborghini Coutache to SPCA Florida for as long as they’ve been a part of our family. The staff knows them by name and always ask how the other is doing while bringing one in for a checkup. From routine health screening to minor injuries, the Reva McClurg Medical Center has treated our babies with the utmost kindness and competence. Thank you, SPCA Florida.
– Whitney & Joshua Borem, Clients since 2011

I adopted a dog a few months ago named, Ruby. The entire experience was amazing. We originally went in to see another dog in the kennels and, after talking with the staff, we decided he wouldn’t be the best fit. We spoke with the staff who answered all of our questions and was super knowledgeable who recommended Ruby. We instantly fell in love. The process was super smooth from processing the paperwork to bringing her home. Thank you so much for your help. We truly love our Ruby!!!!
 Ashley V.

My dogs are not just animals, they are my forever fur babies. Each holds a special place in my heart. The SPCA Florida Adoption team has always been supportive and helpful. I adopted Claire in 2014 and while returning to the Reva McClurg Medical Center for her allergy meds, I saw Brandy and immediately feel in love. I continue to support SPCA Florida because I know the focus is where it should be: on the animals.
Felicia Lyon, Client since 2014

Thank you SPCA for saving my sweet Toy Poodle, Mazy. Mazy was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease by Dr. Gross. She spent a week at the SPCA and they took such great care of her. They literally brought her back to life! She wasn’t expected to make it thru the first night and she is still with us today. She goes every 25 days for an injection and she is doing great! Thank you so much to all of the staff at SPCA, y’all have been so good to us!
– Debbie W.

My husband and I just wanted to say a qu­ick thanks to the staff at the adoption ­center. They were just amazing. We origi­nally came in to look at a specific dog ­because her story tugged at my heart. Ru­dy was extremely helpful in taking the t­ime to talk to us, and ask the correct q­uestions to see if it would be a good fi­t. In the end that specific dog wasn’t, ­but she worked with us to find a great f­it. We actually ended up adopting two.lo­l Magnum, the big boy pictured above and­ Starburst who we can’t pick up till tom­orrow. He is­ acclimating very well, and our previous­ private rescue – a chocolate lab/pit mi­x are doing fine. He loves the tug of wa­r ring, and outside of the shelter envir­onment actually loves to play fetch.He a­lso enjoys the multitude of stuffed toys­, sneaking in a pillow once in a while. ­Lol. Rudy was very helpful in telling us­ techniques to introduce the two. Heidi ­was amazing with the paperwork, and also­ continuing to ask questions and provide­ guidance for a smooth adoption process.­ She caught and followed up immediately ­on some medical discrepancies in the pap­erwork, and made sure they were fixed be­fore we even left the doors. We have sch­eduled our follow up complementary vet a­ppointment with your medical center, and­ that staff was very friendly and helpfu­l on the phone. Heidi also took the time­ to tell me about the heartworm preventi­on program you offer during the adoption­ process, and we were able to take advan­tage of that great program! I can’t wait­ to be able to give you the follow of of­ Starburst once we are able to bring her­ home! Thank you so much for helping to ­add so much joy to our family.
– Jessica and Chris ­