Safety Net Programs

The goal of Safety Net Retention Programs is to provide alternatives for dog and cat relinquishment to animal shelters – keeping animals who have homes from entering the already overburdened shelter, and helping those newly adopted animals remain in their adoptive homes.

SPCA Florida has developed numerous programs that enlist the public as allies in keeping animals out of shelters.  By creating the safety net, we save animal lives while educating the community in a meaningful, supportive way about the responsibilities of owning and caring for a pet.

Adoption Follow Up Calls

One of many critical components to the SPCA Florida safety net system is calling all families who have adopted dogs and cats from our shelter within 48 hours post-adoption to ask standard survey questions.  Questions such as, “how is your new dog adapting to the children in your home” or “is your cat urinating outside the litter box” help our safety net phone counselor determine if animal behavior assistance or veterinary medical care might be in order to address an adoptive families’ concerns.  Documenting post-adoption follow-up calls and implementing any necessary safety net interventions is critical to keeping animals in their homes.  Tracking results of responses allows SPCA Florida to analyze how many animals are assisted.


For help or more information please e-mail the Safety Net Manager at [email protected].