Acupuncture Improves Cat’s Destructive Behavior

Louie Lear - Acupunture Helps Behavior IssuesWhen 8-year-old Tonkinese cat Louie, who had always been high-strung with obsessive tendencies, started to experience declining behavior and began wreaking havoc on Laura Lear’s household, she wasn’t sure where to even begin.

Louie would constantly roam the house, crying when he didn’t get his way. He would need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours to stop his incessant pacing. Urinating on items throughout the house on a daily basis, Laura was quickly becoming frazzled with her beloved pet. Louie’s behavior became so extreme, he would cry if the TV was on or if Laura was laying the wrong way in bed. Laura was pushed to her limits, especially when Louie urinated on her.

Distraught, Laura turned to SPCA Florida Medical Center veterinarians for help. Initially, doctors thought the cause of Louie’s behavioral issues could be a thyroid condition. This was ruled out after extensive testing and bloodwork came back normal. Dr. (Pippin) Tsang who is certified in acupuncture from the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, which is affiliated with the University of Florida, next suggested acupuncture therapy to calm Louie and stop his destructive behavior. Acupuncture is an Ancient Chinese Medicine that safely delivers a variety of benefits including pain relief, anti-inflammatory, immuno-regulation, and much more.

Dr. Tsang determined Louie had a shen disturbance, or a disturbance of the mind. Dr. Tsang began acupuncture to rebalance his shen while Laura completed acupressure at home. Louie also began a topical treatment of Prozac.

Excited at Louie’s prompt progress, Laura contacted Dr. Tsang soon after the first sessions. Assuming it was the Prozac providing the immediate benefits, Dr. Tsang shared Prozac actually takes quite a few weeks for results; the improvement was contributed to the acupuncture and acupressure.

Fortunately, Louie’s behavior continues to improve. Since the start of treatment, he no longer picks fights with his cat siblings, opting instead to playfully chase them around. One of the most significant improvements, especially for Laura, is no more urination issues.

Louie’s case demonstrates acupuncture’s effectiveness not only in physical ailments like loss of mobility or hip dysplasia, but also behavioral challenges as well. Dr. Tsang, who performs acupuncture at SPCA Florida, is currently out on maternity leave, but should return by mid-summer.