SPCA Florida Animal Care Center & Shelter

Adoption Center Hours:  Monday- Closed, Tuesday-Friday 11-7, Sat & Sunday 10-5

Adopting at SPCA Florida

SPCA Florida cares for and adopts out thousands of dogs and cats each year.

We shelter a wide variety of dogs and cats in all shapes and sizes, including purebred.

We also strive to be the best resource for animal-related information and assistance. We provide advice on animal behavior and training and educate the public about responsible parenting and population control.

•    Dogs and cats require a significant time commitment.
•    Dog’s and cat’s life spans can range between 5 and 20 years.
•    Some animals are better with children than others. Please consider your future plans before bringing home a furry companion.
•    Animals require a financial commitment. Food, treats, toys, veterinary check-ups and preventative medications can add up.
•   SPCA Florida's adoption fees for cats is $25, and dogs range from $50, depending on the dog's size and breed.  Our animal care specialists will be happy to help you at the SPCA Florida Adoption Center.

Adoption Center Hours: 

Monday- Closed

Tuesday-Friday 11-7

Sat & Sunday 10-5

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