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Animal Rehoming (Animals Who Need New Homes)
SPCA Florida believes every animal deserves a loving home. The animals listed here are not animals at the SPCA Florida, but they are animals looking for new forever homes. We hope to help find these animals a place to call their own through this service to the community.

This is Gracie.  I found her bleeding and injured at my office almost 3 months ago.  My vets office was kind enough to have a staff member come to the office and pick her up to be checked out.  My vet thought she was probably hit by a car so she took several x-rays and checked her from head to tail.  Gracie did not have any broken bones but she was pretty sore. They kept her there for a couple of days to keep an eye on her and to medicate her for the pain.  She is a really sweet, loving and playful dog.  My vet believes she is between 1 and 2 years old.  She is full grown (50 pounds) but still young and playful like a puppy.  I thought I would be able to keep her but I have 2 small  older dachshunds who don't want to play and they are still afraid of her when she runs at them to play and when she gives them big kisses.

 Contact: sue.carroll_law@hotmail.com

Since I have had her she has:

    -  Had blood work

    -  Had the rabies vaccine

    -  Been de-wormed

    -  Been treated for mites

    -  Been on Senitnel for heartworm and flea prevention

    -  Been spayed

    -  Been microchipped

    -  Been nursed back to good health

    -  Been loved, played with, fed well and kept clean

She is very social and needs play time.  I hope to find a loving home for her with someone who will love her as much as I do.  I will be sad to see her go but my little dachshunds were there first and they are just not adjusting the way I thought they would.

My Animal Needs a New Home
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