See how SPCA Florida is rehabilitating an emaciated puppy

A severely malnourished six-month-old Hound mix staggered down a Plant City, Florida road, growing weaker with each step. Just days away from her last breath, a compassionate citizen rescued Mary Jane (MJ) and brought her to SPCA Florida.

Cringing at the sight of her ribs and spine jetting out from her emaciated frame, Adoption Center veterinary technicians sprang into action, hopeful to save the dog, who still had a flicker of life in her sad eyes. They immediately offered MJ nutrient-packed food and vitamins and spent the next week coaxing the fragile puppy, who weighed just 15 pounds, to eat. While in her foster home MJ did not show much improvement and actually lost more weight, moving further away from the ideal 25 to 30 pounds. Quickly realizing MJ faced more than just malnourishment, veterinarians conducted blood tests and determined she had a poorly functioning pancreas.

After a new vitamin supplement and prescribed food MJ is slowly gaining weight, currently up to 19 pounds. Equally important, her puppy spirit is returning.

Watching MJ play and romp around the yard brings a smile to foster mom Michelle Williams.

“There is a playful, happy puppy in there still,” said Williams.

MJ will likely be a special needs dog, requiring ongoing medicine to maintain her pancreatic problems, but with ongoing TLC, she will flourish and lead a long happy, healthy life.